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The most notorious shot-on-video horror feature to come out of the UK is seeing its first-ever disc release this summer, with extras exploring the shocking truth behind its creation. Read on for the details, cover art and trailer.
Intervision Picture Corp. will issue SUFFER, LITTLE CHILDREN on DVD August 29. Directed by Alan Briggs, the movie was made in 1984 with a cast of children’s drama school students, provoking outrage over the use of such young performers in a “video nasty.” It has never seen official U.S. release, though a clip from it has been used as a bumper at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. The original British tape release was accompanied by the following synopsis: “SUFFER, LITTLE CHILDREN: a tale of a child’s demonic supernatural powers and the brutal…terrifying results. SUFFER, LITTLE CHILDREN is a reconstruction of the events, which took place at 45 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey, England in August 1984. None of these events were reported in the press and now the house is scheduled for demolition in the immediate future. HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID THE POWER OF THE DEVIL FALL INTO THE HANDS OF A CHILD?”
How indeed… The special features will include:
• “School of Shock”: An interview with director Alan Briggs
• “Seducing The Gullible”: An interview with legend of UK “nasty” era fanzine critique John Martin
• Trailer