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Exclusive poster, comments: “MALIGNANT” and “REMAINS” director’s new chiller “ECHOES OF FEAR”

Friday, March 23, 2018 | Exclusive, News


Brian Avenet-Bradley, the writer/director whose previous frightfests include MALIGNANT, DARK REMAINS and GHOST OF THE NEEDLE, gave RUE MORGUE the exclusive first look at the poster for his latest feature ECHOES OF FEAR, along with a few words on the movie from himself and his star.

Once again collaborating with his wife, producer/cinematographer Laurence, Avenet-Bradley based ECHOES OF FEAR on “real disturbances in the night.” It stars THE HUMAN RACE’s Trista Robinson (pictured above) as Alysa, a woman who relocates to the hills of Eagle Rock and must confront a horrific haunting in order to unravel a deadly mystery. “It’s a return for us to supernatural horror,” the director tells us, “which was an underlying thread in our first two films and front and center in DARK REMAINS. ECHOES OF FEAR had its genesis in events that happened to us after moving into a house five years ago; then, over time, I was inspired by other true incidents and the story all started coming together. The goal was to create a very suspenseful mystery with twists and turns that the audience gets to unravel with the main character Alysa—all while getting scared along the way.”

The cast also includes Hannah Race, Paul Chirico, Marshal Hilton, John Ryan McLaughlin, Elif Savas, Danilo Di Julio, Ian Heath, Curt Lambert and Twikie the mouse. “This was the most challenging and rewarding project I have worked on to date,” Robinson says. “Having a mouse as a co-star is one of many firsts for me on this unique and wild ride. Wrapping it was bittersweet.”

Keep your eyes here for further ECHOES OF FEAR developments!

Michael Gingold
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