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Tuesday, February 20, 2018 | Events

Come check out our monthly showcase of horror short films! Hosted at IMAGINE CINEMAS CARLTON on February 28th, 2018 from 9PM-11PM. Enjoy two full hours of the craziest, goriest, most-disturbing and off-the-wall short films the genre has to offer! Plus Q&As with some of the filmmakers! $10, 18+. Fully liquor-licensed theatre!

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The poster this month features hand-drawn artwork from Darryl Shaw. Films will play in a different order than listed. This month’s line-up includes:

Solved (8 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Michael Bartolomeo
A lonely young man dreams of becoming a Rubik’s Cube master, but his obsession soon turns deadly. A film made up of over 11,000 still photos. Previous selection of Fantasia and more.

Black Spot (8 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Adam Mason
LT-alumnus director Mason (Empire of Dirt) returns with this intense reason to fear the unseen.

Taste (14 minutes)
DIR: Adrian Selkowitz
A dinner party is derailed by a stranger appearing in the driveway, fully-nude. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark and Fantasia.

Gwilliam (6 minutes)
DIR: Brian Lonano
The most romantic film of the night. Also, the most f**ked up. Previous selection of too many festivals to name.

Stay (9 minutes)
DIR: David Mikalson
A rogue cult member gets in the way of a plan to summon a demon. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

Homer_b (3 minutes)
DIR: Conor Sweeney/Milos Mitrovic
If you were in the room last month for the first part, then you know what to expect. If not…. nothing can prepare you. Previous selection of TIFF.

Buzzcut (9 minutes)
DIR: Mike Marrero, Jon Rhoads
A woman attempts to get a botched haircut fixed in the face of an apocalyptic situation. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark, Fantasia and more.

Brian & The Grim Reaper (9 minutes)
DIR: Eben Skilleter
A young man with a year to live must literally share his life with Death.

Hell of a Party (8 minutes)
DIR: Austen Payne
In this impressive animated tale, two friends must contend with an impending demon. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

Fun (4 minutes)
DIR: Greg Kovacs
LT-alumnus director Kovacs (Tasha & Friends) returns with more puppet mayhem! Previous selection of Blood in the Snow.

Liz Drives (8 minutes)
DIR: Mia’Kate Russell
Two sisters on a road trip must contend with the unexpected while stopping for supplies.

Masks (6 minutes)
DIR: Peter Genoway
While preparing for a theatrical production, an unexpected guest slashes through. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

No Wave (8 minutes)
DIR: Stephane Lapointe
After hearing something disturbing on his relaxation CD, a man calls customer service. Big mistake. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

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