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THEY CAME FROM RUE MORGUE BONUS TRACK: “Wickedness and Reverie” by Missionary Work

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | Exclusive

We’ve got a new bonus track from our THEY CAME FROM RUE MORGUE 20th Anniversary Horror Synth Compilation! This week: “WICKEDNESS AND REVERIE” by MISSIONARY WORK.

The track, originally written for the 2015 compilation Suoni Dell’Orrore, appears at the end of the compilation as a BONUS TRACK. A statement from the band:

“‘Wickedness And Reverie’ is a song I produced in the fall of 2015 for Vol. 4 of M. Akers’ Suoni Dell’Orrore horror-synth compilation. There was a lunar eclipse that week so I was listening to a lot of Camel’s Moonmadness, which is rather blissful at times. Although at odds with some of the other Missionary Work material on paper, its influence ended up melding nicely with the giallo/RPI- and krautrock-influence. The end product is simultaneously blissful and sinister, perhaps well-suited to a Satanic or pagan drug-/sex-ceremony scene à la All the Colors of the Dark.”


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